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Nijhuis Hose Burst Valves

Statewide Hydraulics supply and fit Nijhuis Hose Bust Protection Systems and Height limiters.

The ESVB hose break protection system is a unique protection system based on a set of electrically controlled open / close non-return valves. These systems comply with Australian Standard AS 1418.5 and ISO 8643.

Due to a constant censoring of the condition of the loaded hoses, an electronic device allows oil to flow in and out of the cylinder, as long as these hydraulic lines are in a good condition. As soon as there is a hose break situation, the electrically controlled non-return valve closes immediately, spilling a minimum amount of lubricant, and locking the unsafe moving arm.

The ESVB hose break system covers a range of machines with a maximum oil flow of 40-1,000 litres / minute. Special systems up to 3,000 litres / minute are available.

These devices can be fitted to excavators and wheel loaders, which are used for lifting and / or elevated platform use.

hydraulic hose burst valves

Hose Burst Protection TMA & Tiger Systems

Whilst Tiger and TMA Hoseburst systems are no longer available, we still hold stock of components and can supply to you. Please call us to discuss.

In many cases the Nijhuis product is totally interchangeable as they are the original manufacturer.