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Mech Lock System – Hydraulic Anti theft Devices | immobilisers

Mech Lock System is a mechanical anti-theft device, which prevents theft by immobilisation of the hydraulic system. It can be installed on most hydraulically operated machines and equipment.

The Mech Lock System is activated by a patented key, designed and produced exclusively. Keys are non-reproducible and offer more then 20 million different profiles.

In addition to other benefits, by installing the Mech Lock System, owners of the machinery are protected from unauthorised use, thus preventing the theft or removal of valuable attachments and possibly avoiding the situation whereby insurance policies do not cover for the damage incurred when an unauthorised person has operated the machinery.
Not an alarm…but an Immobiliser

By fitting a Mech Lock System on one or more hydraulic circuits of excavators, power shovels, forklifts or telescopic handlers it is possible to mechanically immobilise the following functions:

  • Forward movement
  • Reverse movement
  • Cabin rotation
  • Steering
  • Bucket lifting