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Ryco Hydraulic Hoses & Fittings

For over 70 years, RYCO has been manufacturing hydraulic hose and fittings.

The RYCO range of products includes hose, couplings and adaptors for the hydraulic and industrial markets.

Ryco products service a range of hydraulic applications including mining, underground, forestry, construction, utilities, environmental, defence, marine, oil & gas, agriculture and more.

Where there are hose breakdowns, Statewide Hydraulics offer after-hours service through to complete installation.

A full range of hoses and fittings are available

A full range of hose kits are available.

Hydraulic Hoses – yep we fix ’em

Statewide Fluid Power Services uses and recommends…

Ryco hydraulic hoses and hose fittings from Statewide Hydraulics in Thomastown, Melbourne, Victoria, the experts in all things hydraulic

Ryco Hydraulic Hoses and Fittings

… hoses and hose fittings

Of course we fix hydraulic hoses, they are a critical part of any hydraulic system.


A full range of hoses and fittings are available.


RYCO Couplings

RYCO BITELOK Crimp Couplings are permanently attached hose fittings, assembled with a hose crimper. The range consist of both one-piece couplings and two-piece couplings.


RYCO Adaptors

RYCO hydraulic adaptors come in a range of thread and connector types. BSP, NPT & NPSM, JIC, Joiner, Metric, ORFS, SAE Threads, SAE Flanges, Swivel Joints, UNO, CROCBITE, STAPLELOK & SUPERLOK, RKVP, RYCO WEO.


Why do hoses burst?

Hydraulic Hoses

Burst or damaged hoses are not necessarily caused by inferior or low quality hoses. The failure can be caused by other system components that may be:

  • damaged
  • set incorrectly according to the conditions
  • never adjusted properly in the first instance

Because we are an engineering company we can:

  • properly commission your hydraulic system.
  • make sure the hoses get repaired with quality parts and skilled technicians.
  • check out the hydraulic system for any other potential problems.

If we find an issue:

  • we will provide a report
  • request your approval
  • then rectify the problem

This saves you trouble and costly downtime by fixing the system early on.

Hose Kits

This saves time money and logistical issues, let us worry about getting all the right hoses and fittings for you project, on time, when you need it. We can install them as well if need be.

Hose Kits for OEMs

We also manufacture hose kits for Original Equipment Manufacturers. Call us to organise a quote on your hose kit needs.

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