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Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic Pumps – Mobile & Transport Application

Hydraulic Pumps convert mechanical energy (from motor or engine) into fluid energy. They are always positive displacement pumps. There are two very broad types of pumps fixed and variable displacement.

Most systems using a fixed displacement pump are simpler in design and requirement and are less costly.

Systems using variable displacement pumps are generally for multiple actuator projects and jobs that require simultaneous movement of cylinders, motors or systems require variable speed function.

These systems are generally more sophisticated and require the selection of both control valve and pumps to be made together.

Broadly speaking pumps have three types of construction gear, vane and piston. These are available as fixed and displacement type, only vane and piston type pumps are available as variable displacement pumps.

All three types of pumps have different characteristics that are different displacement and operating pressure. As well as different operation efficiencies and environment characteristics.

Large product is designed to suite 1 of 2 different categories.

Industrial Pumps


Transport & Mobile (including Agriculture & Construction)


It is not wrong to use an industrial in a mobile application if it is suited. In fact, many pistons & gear pumps are designed to be used in both applications.

There are many pumps designed to be primarily used in the transport and mobile industries as this is a huge world wild market. These products although highly refine to suit transport sector and generally not found in the industrial application.

Hydraulic Pumps Industrial Application

Piston Pumps

These Pumps assure high performance in high pressure operation compaired to other types and are easy to convert to the variable displacemenr type. Thus they can operate with various control types. The piston pumps provide advantages including:

* High Efficiency

* Ease of Operation at high pressure

* Ease to Convert to the variable displacement type

* Various Application control types

These pumps are categorised into:

1. Axial Piston Pumps

* Swash Plate Piston Pumps

* Bent Axis Piston Pumps

2. Radial Piston Pumps


We Supply and Service all kinds of hydraulic piston pumps. We use, supply and recommend Brevini and Hydreco pumps.


Vane Pumps

These pumps operate through intake and discharge fluid according to the change of space enclosed by the vane and the cam ring. Vane pumps run in low to middle pressure range from approximately 7 to 25 MP (1015 to 3626 psi) and they can provide the following advantages:

  • Minimised Discharge pressure pulsation
  • Compact and Light weight for high output
  • Less efficiency degradation due to vane ware
  • Reliability and Ease of Maintenance
  • Quieter and Less Susceptible to contamination

These pumps are categorised into three groups:

  1. Single Vane Pumps
    • Low Pressure
    • Middle Pressure
    • High Pressure
  2. Multiple Vane Pumps
  3. Variable Displacement Vane Pumps


We Supply and Service all kinds of hydraulic Vane Pumps. We use, supply and recommend Brevini and Hydreco pumps.


Gear Pumps

These pumps operate with two gears engaged with each other and rotating to feed a hydraulic fluid from a suction area to discharge area. They all have fixed displacement capacities. They are categorised into External and Internal types. The advantages of Gear Pumps:

  • Small discharge pulsation
  • Lower Noise
  • Relatively resistant to contamination
  • Easy to construct
  • High System operation efficiency


We Supply and Service all kinds of hydraulic Gear Pumps. We use, supply and recommend Brevini and Hydreco pumps