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Oil Purity

Fluid Condition Monitoring

Once your hydraulic oil is in the system, no matter what type it is, you MUST keep it CLEAN!

ISO 4406 Cleanliness Codes

Oil cleanliness is measured by an international standard: ISO 4660 followed by 3 numbers in sequence. These numbers are coded. For example ISO 4660 Code 24/21/18 which is typically the cleanliness of new oil straight out of a drum, shown on the slide below.

Below is a chart to show cleanliness and usefulness

Iso Cleanliness Guide

ISO cleanliness code

Our mobile on-site testing solutions

Statewide Hydraulics can test on-site oil cleanliness levels using our state of the art Hydac FCU particle count tester.

Based on the results and the type of system you are running will recommended to:

  1. Re-use the existing oil
  2. Clean the hydraulic fluid using our portable oil cleaner
  3. Replace the oil with a product from our Gulf Western Oil

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FCU Particle Counter Testing

Types of fluid and properties required

  • Petroleum based oil

  • Water Glycol

  • Vegetable based fluid

  • High viscosity index fluids (HVI)

  • Fire retardant fluids

  • Operating temperature

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