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Gulf Western Oil

Gulf Western Oil

Gulf Western Oil are the largest Aussie owned manufacturer of lubricants in Australia with OEM approved formulations and ISO 9001 Quality endorsed.

Statewide Hydraulics use and recommends Gulf Western Oils.

We have found through our partnership that their technical Capabilities and state of the art manufacturing facilities mean they can guarantee oil cleanliness levels of their products like no other.

  • Mineral Oils
  • High Viscosity Index fluids
  • Food grade fluids that are non-petroleum based as well as fire retardant fluids utilizing water glycol.
  • Gear Oils
  • Specialist Fluids

Statewide Hydraulics can advise you and supply the correct product for your machinery and circumstances. We use, sell and recommend Gulf Western Oil.







Hydraulic fluid is as important to your system as blood is in your body. That’s why we use Gulf Western Oil call us to discuss your requirements and determine the best options for your system.

Hydraulic Fluid services we offer:

  • Sales
  • Delivery
  • Extraction & disposal of your existing oil
  • Filling
  • Testing
  • Condition monitoring
  • We can tell a lot about your system by checking the fluid (like component wear)

Benefits of having your hydraulic fluid checked:

If the test result shows “Poor Oil Quality”, it can allow us to work with you to replace items BEFORE CATASTROPHIC FAILURE – saving you time and money in the long run.
If the test result shows “Good Oil Quality”, it will assure that your hydraulic system is in working order and there is no need to replace the hydraulic fluid.
You save money either way.

Statewide hydraulics can treat your oil on site and clean it thus saving expensive replacement costs, and can reduce the contaminant levels in your fluid, ring for further advice.

Other Products From Gulf Western Oil

Gulf Western Oil offer an extensive range of products which include diesel engine oils, petrol engine oils, hydraulic oils, gear lubricants, transmission fluids, aerosols, coolants and cleaners.